Bivouac tent: How to make a shelter for sleeping outdoor

The tent consists of just a sheet of oiled cotton, 9 x 9ft (2.5 x 2.5 m), avaible from camping equipment shops – or you can use a large sheet of grade polythene.
You need also a waterproof groundsheet, four meat skewers and a ball of strong string.

Bivouac tent - A quick and easy to erect shelterPutting up a bivouac

Lay the oiled cotton or polythene sheet on the ground in the position you want the tent, with a length of string underneath at the center.
Tie one end of the string to a convenient object, such as a tree, fence or large boulder, about 3ft (0.9m) from the ground. Wind the other string around anything that is also 3ft high – perhaps a pile of stones or a tree branch driven into the ground. Now pull the string tight and tie it around a heavy rock on the ground. Move the rock back until the bivouac sheet is taut along its center.
Use the four meat skewers to pin the corners of the sheet to the ground, forming the shapre of the tent. Then replace each one with a heavy stone tied to the sheet. Tie more stones along the edges, then lay the groundsheet inside.

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